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Important Credit Score Information

This is a follow-up to an earlier article about an excellent series from The Columbus Dispatch about significant errors of credit agencies combining the credit history of other people, usually family members or others with similar names, that have bad credit. Some of the stories really blew my [...]

Memorial Day

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Today we remember and are thankful for those in American history who have defended our country home and abroad in war. Listed here is a partial list of the wars and conflicts. No one is able to list the [...]

Learning to Cook to Save Money

Cooking is a lost art it seems these days. People today are very busy, working longer hours or multiple jobs, running children to events. Convenience and less hassle of fast food, and packaged meals are very tempting. Many people have gotten out of the habit, or never acquired skills in the [...]

Why did the Facebook IPO Fail?

The much followed initial public offering (IPO) of Facebook failed to be a runaway opening day success, by the way I warned you to be very cautious about IPOs like this on my February 1 2012 post. The first day of trading Friday May 18th, shares opened up at $42.50 about 11% higher than the initial [...]

How to save on groceries at 3 major chains

It is not easy for the novice grocery store shopper to find ways that each chain has it for you to save money. In Columbus Ohio where we live, the biggest chain grocery stores are Kroger, Giant Eagle and Meijer, and each one has tricky ways to sign up for or find special savings. We have outlined a [...]

What does JP Morgan Chase’s loss mean to you?

There has been constant chatter about JP Morgan Chase’s $2 billion loss on the news, but what does it really mean to you with your personal finances?  How will it affect you? If you own their stock, you have experienced at 12% reduction in value, but it will probably recover in time. If you bank at [...]

Can we spend our way to prosperity?

A few years ago, researchers discovered that most people driving on highways in blinding fog, drive much faster than they can see ahead, and even some people actually drive faster. When it comes to debt some exhibit the same behavior: debt is increasing, but we don’t slow down life, somehow like [...]

The Essentials of Life Insurance

Life Insurance Defined Insurance providing for payment of a sum of money to a named beneficiary upon the death of the policyholder. In other words, it is insurance of a risk (death) to replace the financial loss suffered by those dependent on the deceased. History of Life Insurance Life insurance [...]

Renting Prosperity

A few days ago the Wall Street Journal had a very interesting and thought provoking article “Renting Prosperity.” This fascinating article may interest you if you: Are renting and considering buying Used to own a home, but are renting now Wonder about the effect of the housing crisis on people’s [...]

Retiree Health Care Costs Increasing

According to a study by Fidelity Investments a couple retiring this year will incur $250,000 in costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B. Those with medi-gap or employer based retiree health insurance will have less expenses. Many companies today either do not provide or are cutting back on [...]

Good time to buy?

There are many times throughout the year to buy certain items, or to check on things that might save you money! The Spring is a good time to buy a refrigerator, since that is when new models come out and manufacturers are trying to get rid of old models The Fall is a good time to buy other major [...]

Credit Score News

The Columbus Dispatch reported significant errors of credit agencies combining the credit history of other people, usually family members or others with similar names, that have bad credit. Bad credit and other bad information on the reports prevents people from obtaining all sorts of loans, such [...]

Homeonwership Rate Falls to 15-Year Low

Monday the Census Bureau announced that the percentage of people owning homes fell to the lowest level in 15 years to 65.4%, after peaking at almost 70% in 2004.

Personal Savings Rate Decreases

Source: Wall Street Journal The U.S. personal savings rate has been decreasing this year. Looking back at 2011, it has been steadily decreasing from 5.2% in January to 4.30% in September, but it began to increase by the end of the year to 4.70%. Although March showed a slight increase to 3.80%, the [...]

New Short-Sale Rules

Source: Kenneth Harvey LA Times A real estate short-sale occurs when someone sells their home for less than they owe the bank. People considering them are trying to get out of a mortgage payment they can’t afford, usually caused by unemployment, health care bills, divorce, or over use of debt [...]
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