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Important Personal Finance Rates 6/29

Friday to Friday: Important week-ending personal finance rates compared from last Friday to today 6/29/12, 4pm EST. Mortgage rates up tick a little, but rates are still great for refinancing homes. The stock market was quite volatile but finished up, good for those invested in stocks. Crude oil [...]

Revive the Economy Through Child Parent Business Startups

A couple of weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal there was a very interesting article about a father and son that started a new enterprise that so far is succeeding quite well. A 15-year old Nicky got the idea to create candy made out of healthy ingredients, and with the help of his successful [...]

Obama Care Stands

Various news sources are reporting that the Supreme Court upholds key part of Obama Health Care, the individual mandate. More evaluation on 7/2/12 blog.

Not Well Known Veteran’s Benefit

If you are a veteran who served in active duty, you may be eligible for a monthly VA pension. This is a benefit that I just heard about, and a lot of people are eligible for it, and since it isn’t widely know, many who are eligible don’t apply for it. I am far from an expert in this topic, but as a [...]

When to Use Credit Counseling Agencies

US households debt service ratio is now down to 11.5 percent from a high of 14.0 percent, in the third quarter of 2007. People are making great strides to reduce or eliminate debt altogether. This is good news, however many people are still concerned about their debt.  The conventional ways of debt [...]

Counting on Inheritances

Many people are counting on receiving an inheritance, therefore they don’t adequately make good financial plans. It isn’t unusual for some to not fund their retirement plans, because they think their parents are well off and will leave them enough money to live on. Parents though may not have as [...]

Vacation Savings

I just returned from a much-needed vacation. Since it been many years since we had a real one, I underestimated some of the expense of it all. First of all we saved a lot on the beach house by getting a great deal, and we bought a lot of our food locally and took it with us in a cooler since [...]

Save on Clothes, With New Antiperspirant

Financial blogs like this usually don’t have recommendations about personal care products, but this one might save you some money. Do you throw clothes away by yellowing caused by deodorants and antiperspirants? Over the years it has really bothered me to toss out a light-colored favorite polo or [...]

Front versus Top Loading Washers and Dryers

Mary Hunt founder and publisher of Debt-Proof Living, a highly regarded organization consisting of interactive website, monthly newsletter, personal finance tools and almost 20 books, recently wrote about the front and top loading washer and dryer debate. I thought this information to be very [...]

How to Revive the Economy, Op-ed

The opening quote in Ron Kitchen’s book Community Capitalism is “The best social program in the world is a well-paying job with health care benefits and a retirement program (Ewing Kauffman).” struck me hard in light of the constant negative or trivial din in the media. The top story almost every [...]

Do the Rich Have Lower Ethics?

A recent study using various tests by the University of California at Berkeley, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, indicated that upper-class individuals were more likely to have unethical behavior compared to people of lesser means: “Upper-class individuals were more [...]

The Euro and Country Sovereignty, Op-ed

The Euro came into circulation 1999, as a common currency for 20 European countries. One of the main concerns or criticism was whether the member countries would lose sovereignty, or their rights to control its own affairs. The Euro is on the road to crashing, and many options are being debated [...]

The Price of Inequality, Trickle Up Economics?

Nobel prize-winning author and economist Joseph E. E. Stiglitz argues in his new book The Price of Inequality, economies suffer when societies lack opportunity for upward mobility, education and health care. He also cites evidence that the United States has less opportunity today than most other [...]

Disappointing Jobs Numbers

Only 69,000 found jobs last month, the smallest in a year, and jobless rate increased to 8.2% from 8.1% in April.
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