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Car Headlight Restorer a Great Value

I’m a car guy, and since I like to keep my car nice it has always driven me crazy that the xenon headlight lense covers were no longer crystal clear, but yellow and brown. They didn’t shine as bright either, since the aged plastic filtered the light. I drive a 1999 Toyota vehicle with over 285,000 [...]

Myths and Facts About the Gold Standard

If you didn’t catch the article in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal “The Myths and Facts About the Gold Standard” and the intermingling of politics and economics interests you then you might want to. The Gold Standard is a monetary policy that basis the value of currency a country issues on the value [...]

IRA Withdrawal Rules

Traditional IRAs which I wrote about a few days ago are good for supplementing ones retirement, providing current tax deductions, and growing tax-deferred until retirement. However, when someone wants to use the money for retirement or other needs they should be conscious of the rules and [...]

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There are a lot of ways that you can follow the Money Educate blog, and receive regular financial news and personal finance tips and educational articles. If you want to be notified by email every time we post a new article, just input your email address at Money Educate in the upper right. To [...]

2012 Roth IRA Review and Contribution Limits

The old or traditional Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs came on the investment scene with the enactment of the Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA) in 1974. These individual retirement plans provided a reduction in taxable income, the IRS doesn’t tax the growth on the monies while they [...]

Traditional IRA Review and 2012 Contribution Limits

Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs came on the investment scene with the enactment of the Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA) in 1974. These individual retirement plans provided a reduction in taxable income, but contribution maximums were only $1,500 per year then. To further enhance [...]

Capital One Credit Card Woes

The credit card industry, within the last few years, has come under closer oversight and regulation. Dave Ramsey in his Financial Peace University class lessons of Dumping Debt and Credit Sharks in Suits has been particularly critical of the bad behavior and sometimes illegal practices of credit [...]

Higher Bank Yields

Interest rates continue to plummet for borrowers, with mortgage rates dropping below 4% for 30 year fixed, and less than 3% for shorter term mortgages like 15 year plans. Conversely investors continue to see interest rates drop for their investments and savings accounts. For conservative investors [...]

Future of the Federal Estate Tax

The Federal Estate Tax is the tax paid on assets that transfer at death. The current top rate is 35%, but it could increase to 55%, reverting to the 2001 tax rules if Congress doesn’t continue the lowering of tax of the Bush Administration. The current tax only applies to estates of $5,000,000 or [...]

Before You Bargain Hunt

Before You Bargain Hunt, Consider This… Everyone is looking for a way to save money. Companies are taking advantage of this by promoting their best “bargains” to the fullest and people are scouring thrift shops for a used version of anything they need. However, not all bargains are created equal. [...]

Knowing where to make your cuts

Guest post by Georgia Dalsum Budgeting – Knowing Where to Make Your Cuts If you’re struggling financially, cutting your expenses is the first step toward regaining financial control. With less money going out, more money can go toward your necessary expenses to catch up and solidify your financial [...]

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class is Awesome

Best selling author, nationally syndicated radio financial expert, motivational speaker, and creator of Financial Peace University financial education class Dave Ramsey is an amazing guy with a great institution. Operating under the Lampo group in the Nashville Tennessee area, Dave has grown his [...]

Retailers to Avoid

Retailers are a dime a dozen so I can be choosy who I decide to deal with. Here are the top things that turn me off and others that attract me to do business with them: Retailers to Avoid Those that make big claims that they always have the lowest price. I never trust this comment because no one [...]

Lender Reduced Interest Rate to 1% for Veteran

I just spoke to a good friend and veteran in Columbus Ohio that has a mortgage with JP Morgan Chase for 30 years at just over 6%. Chase lowered their interest rate to 1% for 3 years, which made their monthly payment drop by about $400. They were told that this was a special program for people who [...]

What is the worst financial advice you have been given?

Someone once gave me advice when I was young and eager in business, to live just below my means. Have a nice car and loan to go with it, and other niceties of life, I was told that this would motivate me to succeed.  He said that living on the edge this way would keep me hungry to work hard. One of [...]

When to Pay off Your Mortgage

There is quite a bit of miss-information when it comes to whether someone should pay-off their mortgage. On one hand it is wise to have as a goal to someday have a mortgage free home, especially as one enters the retirement years, and minimizing of cash flow and simplification are goals. Many [...]

Investment Myth of The 10 Best Days and Market Timing

A myth is something that most people believe, but under careful analysis of the facts, it is proven untrue. The investment world has several myths, or things that most people believe as conventional wisdom. Three of the most common myths are the 10 Best Days, Market Timing and Buy and Hold. Missing [...]

Money Etiquette: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

The other day Dave Ramsey’s newsletter  had the Money Etiquette: 6 Mistakes to Avoid, I thought they were pretty good, funny and worth sharing. Dave’s newsletters are really good and worth signing up for (they’re free): Tipping poorly. Dear Mr. Bad Tipper: Nothing says, “Thank you for taking my [...]

The Costs and Benefits of Power Outages

Our city (Columbus Ohio) is 4 days into an electrical outage for nearly half the city. Our power through American Electric Power continues to come and off, giving us some relief, but never sure if we should buy ice or move refrigeratable goods to our parent’s units.  My wife and I are experiencing [...]

The Benefits and Costs of Obama Care

The key benefit of Obamacare, National Health Care, or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is providing care to those who are unable to purchase health insurance because it costs too much, or are uninsurable. Lack of adequate health coverage sometimes forces or keeps people in poverty, or [...]
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