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Friday Blog Roundup

Around the financial blogosphere there were several noteworthy articles that I thought were worth reading: Free Money Finance is one of the premier financial blogs had a good listing of Best Cash Back Credit Cards, great help for those who use cards judicially, and want to earn more bucks [...]

Pros and Cons of Being Rich

In the back of our minds, it seems as if a lot of us have a desire to be rich. This thought reminds me of Tevye. The central charachter in the Tony (10) Award Winning Play, and Oscar (3) Winning Movie, Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye shows us his interesting story about poverty and wealth. This Broadway [...]

Best and Worst Fitness Values

Investing in physical fitness is smart, being in better health not only means feeling better, and having less stress, it saves money on doctors bills. Healthier people not only get fewer colds and flu, they have less disease and falling accidents. They spend less on prescriptions, and save time [...]

Obama Versus Romney Tax Rates

The presidential race tax debate faces Romney’s lowering them 20% for all, versus Obama’s increasing them for those in middle to higher incomes. For quite a while the tax burden has continued to shift to higher income people, and those on the opposite end pay less and less taxes, per the Wall [...]

LeBron X $315 Nike Sneakers, Really!

Nike announced they will soon be releasing $315 dollar basketball shoes, named after the famous, or if you are from Cleveland infamous, all-star, Olympic Gold-Medal winning, national championship, basketball player. The shoes are great! They are endorsed by one of the top players in the game, [...]

Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules

Roth IRAs which I wrote about a few days ago are good for supplementing one’s retirement and growing tax-deferred until retirement. This article doesn’t cover the rules regarding IRAs that were converted into Roths. The rules are quite a bit different, than they are for traditional IRAs [...]

Mid-Year Benchmark Rates of Return

My article entitled The Asset Allocation Style of Investing, highlighted this method of investing made popular from the study by Garry P. Brinson, Brian D. Singer, and Gilbert L. Beebower that found that over 91% of long-term portfolio performance is derived from the decisions made regarding asset [...]

Should I Buy a SAAB?

A few days ago in a question and answer automobile section of the Wall Street Journal, a reader asked if it was okay to buy a SAAB. If you don’t already know, the Swedish automobile manufacturer filed for bankruptcy about a year ago. No one has yet to step up to the plate to buy them and start [...]

Buy a Car to Save Money?

Does it make sense to buy a new used car that gets great mileage, compared to keeping an old heap, thinking that the gas savings will outweigh the cost of borrowing? Suppose an old family van isn’t needed anymore since the kids are out on their own. It could be tempting to consider alternatives, [...]

Real Estate Rebounding?

Is the rumor true, is the real estate market rebounding? There are early indications that after years of depreciating values, prices in some areas are holding and are trickling up a bit. New homes being built are also on the incline. The inventories of houses for sale are the lowest in several [...]

Home Mortgage Good News

I’ve talked to several people who have been having difficulty staying current on their mortgage, some just over the past year, and others that have been struggling for several years that have qualified for help recently, and they are able to stay in their homes.  Some have even been turned down [...]

American Dream, Betrayed By Bad Economic Policy

I started the day poorly this morning, when I listened to Donald Barlett and James Steele interviewed on NPR about their new book, American Dream,’ Betrayed By Bad Economic Policy. I’ve already put this book on reserve at my local library, because it focuses well on some the key reasons why as a [...]

Mixed Unemployment, Hiring, and Jobless Claims for July

Unemployment INCREASED in July to 8.3% from June 8.2% This tracks those who are without jobs, and have actively sought work within the past 4 weeks. The Great Recession’s unemployment peaked at 10.10% in October 2010. In 2012 it has varied in the range of 8.10% – 8.30%. This statistic does not [...]

Dave Ramsey’s FPU Class, Insurance Lesson

The Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University multi-week class has an entire lesson on insurance, or risk management. Wisdom with insurance is key to financial planning to protect the things we own or our family from risk, using as few dollars as possible. To underline a few items from this lesson, [...]

Wrongful Foreclosure Compensation Deadline Approaching

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve faced losing your home through a wrongful foreclosure, you might get help, but you must act quickly. Homes that were foreclosed on in 2009 and 2010 should find out about the free Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) process. The IFR process is by the [...]

Home Vacuum, and Steam Vac Great Values

Floor vacuum cleaners seem to be a controversial topic these days. I know people who have very strong opinions about their Dyson, Hoover, Oreck, Eureka, Dirt Devil, Rainbow or Kirby. Prices can vary from about a $100 to over a thousand dollars. I have heard people who tell me they really love this [...]

Is Loaning to Friends a Good Idea?

Often I am asked what I think about loans between friends or family. There are usually two reasons where I see this happening, either to help bail someone out of a difficult financial situation or as way for the lender to earn interest, while helping a friend reduce their debt. If the motive is [...]
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