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Have a Great Idea for New Product? Check Out

While watching the Tonight Show the other evening, Jay Leno had a guest on from, a new really cool social invention website to help bring ideas for inventions to fruition. They highlighted some great products that people recently invented. There are all sorts of ways to make additional [...]

How to Pick a College Major

Are you a youth and planning to go to college? Maybe you are an adult and want to go in a totally different direction in your career. Then there are those that want to stay in the same industry but specialize in a particular area of study. Whichever group you are in, you need to go back to school, [...]

Year End Benchmark Investment Returns

A couple of times per year I publish this benchmark return report for investment portfolios.  This is useful for those who use a buy and hold approach to holding their investments, in various common investment allocations of stocks and bonds. I provide this so that you can compare your investment [...]

What To Do If Facing a Possible Foreclosure

The recession officially started December 2007 and ended June of 2009, however many homeowners struggled to stay current on their mortgage before that time, and still do now. Those in the financial industry have been learning how to help people either avoid or survive foreclosure of their home, [...]

Work Tax Deductions, Job Search Deductions and Job Search Help

You are eligible get a tax deduction for some unreimbursed expenses from work, and for those that had expenses looking for work or relocating. While on the latter subject, first I wanted to provide some ideas for those looking for work. If you are unemployed or underemployed and are looking for [...]

Most Popular MoneyEducate Personal Finance Articles of 2012

2012 was the first full year I have been consistently blogging at MoneyEducate, and the following articles were the some of the most popular ones of last year. This is a pretty good mix of articles about saving money and general financial planning topics. Hyundai and Kia overstated gas [...]
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