2012 was the first full year I have been consistently blogging at MoneyEducate, and the following articles were the some of the most popular ones of last year. This is a pretty good mix of articles about saving money and general financial planning topics.

  1. Hyundai and Kia overstated gas mileage
  2. Best and worst fitness values
  3. Low cost smartphone alternatives
  4. Pros and cons of being rich
  5. Is a car lease a fleece?
  6. Eye glass monopoly
  7. Should I buy a saab?
  8. 14 most fuel efficient cars
  9. How to help others financially
  10. IRA withdrawal rules
  11. College education tax deductions and credits
  12. How to sell your scrap gold
  13. Are Medicare Part B premiums increasing in 2014 247%?
  14. What are the best savings account rates does it matter?
  15. Costco cost savings and warnings
  16. Why did the Facebook IPO fail?
  17. Budgeting for extra charitable donations
  18. Should I buy an e-reader and the benefits of waiting?
  19. How to drop expensive PMI from mortgage
  20. Home vacuum and steam vac best buys
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