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Easter Week Blog Round Up

Here are some great articles from other personal finance blogs I follow, check out these them out for the best interest rates, secure online transactions, 11 great tools, devices to lower auto insurance premiums, and 2009 tax refund. 11 great tools everyone should have, from Money Talks News 15 [...]

How to Save on Razor Blades

Men’s razor blades can be very expensive, easily costing $15 to $35 for a package of replacement cartridge blades- however I may have found a couple of cheaper solutions: one is an online service called Dollar Shave Club (DSC). I cringe every time a single item at the grocery store costs $15 or [...]

7 Great Articles from Other Personal Finance Blogs

Here are some great articles from various personal finance blogs I follow, from insurance to good coffee makers, and from cheap nutrition to entrepreneurial success. 7 Inexpensive Powerhouse Foods to Add to Your Diet for National Nutrition Month, from PT Money Why Frugality Matters, from the [...]

Extended Warrantees and Buyer Protection Plans

Is buying extended warranties a good idea? Sometimes they are called buyer protection plans too. The general consensus from almost all financial planners, writers and personal finance personalities like Dave Ramsey and Susan Orman is that they are a rip-off. Most products come with some sort of [...]

Hedonic Adaptation

Hedonism isn’t a word we use very often. If loosely defined it means happiness achieved through feeling pleasure. Many psychologists say that one of the greatest barriers to happiness is ‘hedonic adaptation.’ When you are getting ready to buy something, you anticipate the pleasure it will bring. [...]

The Whys and Hows of Budgeting

In this article I will answer these important cash flow planning questions: Why don’t people budget? Why should people want to budget? What will happen if they do? How to get started easily? Why don’t people budget? It is because you (don’t fear, we have tips below to help you overcome your [...]

How To Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

Does your mail box fill up with offers from credit card companies? Sometimes they will mail you checks and pre-approved credit cards. It is annoying, and its also a waste of time to go through them. You must also shred them to be sure no one steals your identity. Those of you with an ecology [...]

March Money Madness, Who Wins?

And you thought March Madness was only about basketball! March is a mad month for money, particularly this March, because the month is full of extra money but also of extra challenges–more than most months. Jon White tweeted last week about #2 below and it got me thinking. Thank you, Jon, [...]

Gullible Consumers Buying Bad Products

Have you ever bought a product but later discovered it was a piece of junk? Trevor Moore is a comedian that demonstrates how gullible some consumers are. He hocks awful products that he creates that don’t work. His brand Winnovations comes up with all kinds of ridiculous products that people [...]

7 Great Articles from the Blogosphere

There are many great personal finance blogs that publish articles on a vast array of subjects. Check out some of these really informative recent blog posts: Should you trade in or sell your car? From One Money Design 4 Investment alternatives to equities, from Money Smart Life What you should or [...]
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