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3D Printers, What Will it Mean to Business and Your Investments?

Taking a reflective walk down memory lane about 3D printers, I find that it’s a short walk from my dentist to my laptop.  Several years, ago I had a cap glued onto a molar. It was created from several pictures relayed to a 3D laser that cast a duplicate of the missing top of my tooth from a raw [...]

Have a Great Idea for New Product? Check Out

While watching the Tonight Show the other evening, Jay Leno had a guest on from, a new really cool social invention website to help bring ideas for inventions to fruition. They highlighted some great products that people recently invented. There are all sorts of ways to make additional [...]

Work Tax Deductions, Job Search Deductions and Job Search Help

You are eligible get a tax deduction for some unreimbursed expenses from work, and for those that had expenses looking for work or relocating. While on the latter subject, first I wanted to provide some ideas for those looking for work. If you are unemployed or underemployed and are looking for [...]

How to Deal With Perceived Employment Age Discrimination

Is your age in the 50′s or 60′s, and you are looking for a new full-time or part-time job? Do you think you are unlikely to get hired because you are too old? Do you feel age discrimination is really big, and is a barrier when you go to an interview? Job applicants must learn how to deal with this [...]

Do We Appreciate Businesses Enough?

The presidential campaign had me wondering which presidential candidate would have been the most pro-business. Investors in business might not think Obama is great for business, when you consider the 313 point drop in the DOW yesterday. Let me say at the outset that I am not taking political sides [...]

How to Help Others Financially

Most financial articles are self-help so I thought it might be good idea to discuss how to help others. I suspect most people can’t fix their own finances without some kind of help from someone else. Yes, ultimately it is still up to each individual person to apply financial wisdom, but they need [...]

Credit or Gift Card Positives, Negatives and Innovation

The banking industry has never been known as innovators or centers of creativity, that’s why an article in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention today: Ice-Cream Bank’s Rocky Road. I’ll get to the article in a moment, but my gripe with credit cards and gift cards is that although they provide [...]

Revive the Economy Through Child Parent Business Startups

A couple of weeks ago in the Wall Street Journal there was a very interesting article about a father and son that started a new enterprise that so far is succeeding quite well. A 15-year old Nicky got the idea to create candy made out of healthy ingredients, and with the help of his successful [...]

How to Revive the Economy, Op-ed

The opening quote in Ron Kitchen’s book Community Capitalism is “The best social program in the world is a well-paying job with health care benefits and a retirement program (Ewing Kauffman).” struck me hard in light of the constant negative or trivial din in the media. The top story almost every [...]

Ohio Unemployment Compensation New Guideline

The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) is notifying current and past recipients of unemployment compensation, the regular requirement to apply for 2 jobs per week is staying the same, except that recipients of unemployment compensation must keep a written record of actions taken [...]

Bad Credit the New Scarlet Letter?

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel set in the 1850′s the Scarlet Letter, Hester Pyrnne struggled to regain dignity following an adulterous affair. In antiquity, lepers were scorned because people believed they were dirty and being punished by God. In 2012 60% of jobs filled are screened for bad [...]

9 Common Overlooked Tax Areas

 The Ernst and Young Tax Guide for 2012 listed 50 of the most easily overlooked deductions. You may want to purchase this large book or look at what is listed on their website.  Also see for a list of highlights and Whats Hot. My list will touch on a few of them that I often see. Remember – [...]

Indiana and the Right to Work Laws

The Indiana legislature is battling over putting the Right to Work referendum on the ballot. Right-to-work laws exist ins 22 states, which prohibit agreements between labor unions and employers that make membership, and union dues a condition of employment. What this means to worker’s personal [...]

11 Ways to Receive Income

A few days ago I was talking to a friend who was out of work, and considering several great opportunities. This reminded me that there are really many ways to earn an income today, and many financial experts believe in the years to come more people will have several income streams at the same time. [...]

Behind Every Great Woman?

While watching Jeopardy last night, one of the contestants was a stay-at-home dad. My wife and I discussed how we know more people doing this today. Today I ran across an interesting article at Business Week: Behind Every Great Woman. Many women today earn more than men, and during this recession, [...]

14 Ways to Increase Cash Flow

What are your financial goals for 2012? Maybe you want to go on vacation, fund your emergency savings so that unplanned expenses don’t set you back, repay debt so that you don’t feel the burden of living paycheck-to-paycheck, put more money into retirement and college savings, help your family [...]

Unions Win More Freedom to Organize

Article in today’s Wall Street Journal about Unions Won More Freedom to Organize. This is a win for labor,  and a loss for big business, however time will tell if giving more power to unions will lead to more of them organizing, and effect business growth and their hiring. Most people though are [...]

What can Washington DC do to for the economy?

Politicians don’t seem to have many great ideas to help with the economy. They either want to increase or decrease: individual or corporate taxes, spending, and entitlements. These things may have a positive or negative impact on the economy but none of them will turn things around. These are [...]

The Economic Cost of Angry Birds

Interesting and funny but unscientific article about the amount of time consumed playing just one game, Angry Birds.  This article cites a recent report that around the world people spend 200 million minutes on Angry Birds every day. This adds up to 866,666,667 hours per year in America, and might [...]

Entrepreneurism Admired

I admire creative people who can think of an easier way to do something and create a business out it. Even though the economy is struggling, there is always opportunity to find a better way. Sometimes it is simply improving what already exists, such as a vacuum cleaner or fan. That is why I found [...]
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