Reducing Car Costs

How To Buy a Good Used Car for Under $5,000

I friend recently wanted to buy a new car, and went to several used car lots; one in particular was called J.D. Byrider. They had a nice used 2005 Chevy Cobalt listed for $14,000, when it was advertised other places for $4,500 – $5,500.  The car was triple over-priced because they sell cars to [...]

Car Power Plants Reviewed: Electric, Hybrid, Gasoline and Others

Have you thought about buying an all-electric vehicle, or hybrid with the costs of gasoline being so high. Maybe you are ecologically minded, and think electric power is better for the environment. Before you run out and buy an alternative fuel car, I thought it would be good to cover the [...]

Time to Check Your Car’s Battery

Fall always seems to be the best time for me check my car’s battery. You might want to also, if you don’t want to get stuck somewhere without a good battery. This is especially true for folks driving through not-so-safe neighborhoods now that it is getting dark much earlier, or up north in our [...]

14 Ways to Save Gas

Gasoline prices have trickled down in the last few weeks, however they are still about double what they were 4 years ago, making it important to get the most mileage out of each gallon of gas as possible. Some of these tips come from “20 ways to save gas this summer” Popular Mechanics 7/2012 [...]

Hyundai and Kia Overstated Gas Mileage Refund

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that Hyundai and Kia overstated gas mileage ratings for over 900,000 autos sold since late 2010 and into 2012. You may recall their commercials advertising a lot of 40 mpg models. The South Korean company’s explanation for the erroneous estimate [...]

14 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

When you buy a car, what is most important to you: purchase price, cost of ownership (regular maintenance, repairs, insurance, MPG, depreciation), utility, performance (how fast and how well it handles), safety, image or the green factor?  Maybe you consider them all, but some prioritize the list [...]

Annual Cost of Gasoline

With gasoline hitting or exceeding $4 per gallon in many parts of the country, it is important to consider your annual cost of gas when purchasing a new or used car. In 2009 gas was less than $2 per gallon, and it seems that we have gotten used to the current costs. With the price of groceries and [...]

Should I Buy a SAAB?

A few days ago in a question and answer automobile section of the Wall Street Journal, a reader asked if it was okay to buy a SAAB. If you don’t already know, the Swedish automobile manufacturer filed for bankruptcy about a year ago. No one has yet to step up to the plate to buy them and start [...]

Buy a Car to Save Money?

Does it make sense to buy a new used car that gets great mileage, compared to keeping an old heap, thinking that the gas savings will outweigh the cost of borrowing? Suppose an old family van isn’t needed anymore since the kids are out on their own. It could be tempting to consider alternatives, [...]

Car Headlight Restorer a Great Value

I’m a car guy, and since I like to keep my car nice it has always driven me crazy that the xenon headlight lense covers were no longer crystal clear, but yellow and brown. They didn’t shine as bright either, since the aged plastic filtered the light. I drive a 1999 Toyota vehicle with over 285,000 [...]

If you are considering a new or used car purchase you may want to check out a good article at AOL Autos “Here are the autos mechanics see the most.“

GM Chevy Volt Cancelled?

General Motors (GM) announced another “temporary” production halt for its $40,000 electric hybrid Volt car. This car was doomed to fail from the start when they priced it almost twice the cost as Toyota’s Prius. The average passenger car shopper is looking for a car that is priced similar to other [...]

Device Saves Car Repair Expense

Does the little check engine light on your dashboard light up?  It may be telling you vital information about your car, that if not attended to right away could result in a significant repair. On the other hand it may indicate something really simple such as a loose gas cap. How do you normally [...]

Is a car lease a fleece?

Dave Ramsey says that no one should ever lease a car, he calls car leases fleeces, is it true, is this fair, should no one really ever lease a car, and is it always a rip off? Basically a lease is the purchase of the car’s value that you will be using. Dave’s overall recommendations are to minimize [...]

How I Shop for Tires

Are you thinking about buying new tires before the hard winter weather hits?  Have you looked at them lately, do they look bald?  The old rule of thumb is to stick a penny in the tread and if the tread doesn’t go above Abe’s head then it is time, even if close you are ready. Tires are important, [...]

Used Car Cautions

Many people, particularly those wanting to drive a really nice car or wanting to appear successful are sometimes tempted to buy used luxury brand cars. If you don’t have a large savings account, or mechanical abilities to fix cars (or a good friend who does), never buy a used BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, [...]
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