3D Printers, What Will it Mean to Business and Your Investments?

Taking a reflective walk down memory lane about 3D printers, I find that it’s a short walk from my dentist to my laptop.  Several years, ago I had a cap glued onto a molar. It was created from several pictures relayed to a 3D laser that cast a duplicate of the missing top of my tooth from a raw [...]

Great Articles from InvestSense

I have been following the blog InvestSense, written by a full time financial planner and investment adviser, and an attorney, for a few years now. I find his articles refreshingly frank, helpful, non-self promoting, educational and intelligent- cutting through much of the baloney the investment [...]

Year End Benchmark Investment Returns

A couple of times per year I publish this benchmark return report for investment portfolios.  This is useful for those who use a buy and hold approach to holding their investments, in various common investment allocations of stocks and bonds. I provide this so that you can compare your investment [...]

Should You Buy Gold?

The most commonly asked question I get is, should I buy gold or some other precious metal like silver or platinum? The main reasons for driving interest in gold, are advertisements, the increased price of gold, and fear. There are a lot of commercials on TV and the radio, from companies that want [...]

How to Withdraw Needed Funds from an Inactive 401(k)

Question: I lost my job several months ago, and have exhausted my savings. However, I have some money in a 401(k) Plan from an old employer. I need to get to some of it to pay my rent, but I don’t want to pay tax on the entire amount in the Plan. What is the best way for me to get to a portion of [...]

As Stocks Head Higher So Do Risks

The stock market is up this year 16.4%, so there might be some rationale for reducing one’s portfolio exposure to stocks, contends Daniel Roe of Budros, Ruhlin and Roe the largest financial planning firm in my hometown Columbus Ohio, as reported in the Wall Street Journal today’s article “As stocks [...]

How Does Inflation Affect Savings?

People are aware of inflation, since it is talked about all the time on the news and they see gasoline prices increasing astronomically and erratically. You may have heard someone talk about loss of purchasing power, but what does that mean? As a quick review, when you invest or save money, and you [...]

How to Sell Your Scrap Gold

The price of gold is climbing again to about $1,800 per ounce, close to its all time high of $1,895 on 9/6/11, so many people are thinking about selling their old gold jewelry they have lying around. If you are interested in selling yours, here are a few tips to help you get the most for it. 24 [...]

Do It Yourself Investing Options

You have some money to invest, and you are not sure where to turn?  I get asked all the time, from people that have some money to invest and they don’t know where to turn.  If they have several hundred thousand dollars or more, they can command more attention and higher levels of service, but what [...]

Mid-Year Benchmark Rates of Return

My article entitled The Asset Allocation Style of Investing, highlighted this method of investing made popular from the study by Garry P. Brinson, Brian D. Singer, and Gilbert L. Beebower that found that over 91% of long-term portfolio performance is derived from the decisions made regarding asset [...]

Real Estate Rebounding?

Is the rumor true, is the real estate market rebounding? There are early indications that after years of depreciating values, prices in some areas are holding and are trickling up a bit. New homes being built are also on the incline. The inventories of houses for sale are the lowest in several [...]

Investment Myth of The 10 Best Days and Market Timing

A myth is something that most people believe, but under careful analysis of the facts, it is proven untrue. The investment world has several myths, or things that most people believe as conventional wisdom. Three of the most common myths are the 10 Best Days, Market Timing and Buy and Hold. Missing [...]

Why did the Facebook IPO Fail?

The much followed initial public offering (IPO) of Facebook failed to be a runaway opening day success, by the way I warned you to be very cautious about IPOs like this on my February 1 2012 post. The first day of trading Friday May 18th, shares opened up at $42.50 about 11% higher than the initial [...]

What does JP Morgan Chase’s loss mean to you?

There has been constant chatter about JP Morgan Chase’s $2 billion loss on the news, but what does it really mean to you with your personal finances?  How will it affect you? If you own their stock, you have experienced at 12% reduction in value, but it will probably recover in time. If you bank at [...]

Benchmarking Asset Allocation Investment Performance Results Using Indices

My article entitled The Asset Allocation Style of Investing, highlighted this method of investing made popular from the study by Garry P. Brinson, Brian D. Singer, and Gilbert L. Beebower that found that over 91% of long-term portfolio performance is derived from the decisions made regarding asset [...]

The Asset Allocation Style of Investing

There are four ways to invest money, and the most boring way works best for most people: Asset Allocation. The other three ways to invest: strategic asset allocation, market timing or picking stocks are more sexy. Next time investing comes up at a cocktail party you will be sure to hear someone [...]

Diamonds the New Gold?

There is a commercial running now advertising investing in diamonds instead of gold, touting “diamonds the new gold.” Many people have lost interest investing in gold, since the price has dropped to around $1,600 per ounce from a high of a $1,895 in September of 2011. Unlike gold, for the average [...]

Stock Act Gaining Momentum

I previously wrote about the federal lawmakers exemption from insider trading laws, allowing them the ability to buy and sell stocks, bonds and real estate using inside information. The lawmakers have access to privileged information that helped many of them to become multimillionaires, peddle [...]

Wondering If You Should Invest in Facebook’s IPO

The media chatter seems to be full of information about Facebook and Groupon’s initial public offering (IPO) of stock. Many people wonder if IPOs make good investments. It is very difficult to determine the value of a stock that has been around a while, let alone a new one with little information [...]

A Review of Monte Carlo Simulation

Conventional retirement projections in most retirement financial planning software packages and calculators looks at everything the moment you enter it, such as your goals, assets, benefits, and expenses coupled with assumptions for taxes, rates-of-return and inflation. Since this is just a [...]

What Are Investment Policy Statements?

If you decide to hire an investment professional to invest your money for you, one thing you might want to discuss with prospective advisors is the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is drafted between you and the advisor that outlines the rules they are to follow when investing your [...]

Investing – Do It Yourself?

Until these post modern ages, few people did do-it-yourself investment management. With the advent of increased sources of information, no-load mutual funds, and low-transaction-cost brokerage accounts, more people choose to forgo using an investment advisor and manage their investments [...]

Some Fundamentals of Investing: A Primer

Investment Management has sometimes been defined as: Managing assets and resources in relationship to your personal and financial goals, in order to most efficiently accomplish desired results. Achieving financial goals involves the use of many techniques, financial concepts, and tools. Perhaps one [...]

Year End Investment Results 2011 & Expectations for 2012

You may be wondering how your investments performed in 2011, and what that prognosticators are saying for 2012, here are some very good resources: “Mutual-fund categories and their benchmarks ranked by one-year total return. Yardsticks are based on categories compiled by The Wall Street Journal, [...]

Madhoff Insurance: Personal Accountability & Due-Diligence

Yesterday’s blog referred to an article about some great investment books for those that want to become more engaged in their investing; more and more people today are doing their own investing, or at the least becoming more informed so that they are partnering with investment professionals in the [...]

Best Investment Book Recommendations

I stumbled upon this blog article about the Best Investment Book Recommendations. These books look to be great reads for those who want to be engaged in the investment process, whether doing it themselves or having a professional help them. Financial planning is more of a partnership today, with [...]

Are Complex Investments Worthy of Consideration?

Author, speaker and friend Mary Hunt of Debt Proof Living asked me recently to write an article about Credit Default Swaps, and I thought that was a great idea, and while I was at it, I thought I’d expand the subject to address complex investments in general. The simple answer to this question [...]

Consolidate 401k, 403b and 457 accounts

Have you always worked for the same company? Most people answer no to this question. In fact, people change jobs much more frequently today than in previous generations. There are a whole host of reasons, from corporate downsizing to finding a better opportunity. Perhaps you have an [...]

Investment Terms Demystified

Many people these days are encouraged to become more knowledgable about financial matters, but often come across financial terms that are a mystery. This can be discouraging and confusing. The financial world, like everything else, has its own vocabulary. If you want to know about a hedge fund, [...]

Investment Secrets of the Rich and Famous?

From time to time I am asked if there are investment secrets that only the wealthy know about? When I walk through bookstores, I see titles of books that make me think so. Everyone wants to think there are short cuts, or secret ways to instant success or dramatic investment returns. I think that [...]
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