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Do You Know The Best Ways to Protect Credit and Debit Accounts?

Life is busy, so sometimes people let their guards down when it comes to using credit cards safely. So here are 10 things you should do to help make sure no one steals your credit and debit card information: Use cash more often for such things as buying fast food and gasoline. Some thieves attach [...]

Victim of the Target Data Breach? Here’s What To Do

Millions of Target customers as well as those of several other retailers recently were victims of data breaches over the holidays. If you were one of them, you should know what to do. If you used plastic at any of them, especially Target, monitor your account daily, login online, to check out if [...]

Merits of Auto Clubs Roadside Assistance and Maintenance

Auto clubs like AAA, MCA and Better World Club, offer very useful benefits, such as roadside assistance and towing. Many of them today are offering much more, including car repairs. In addition to clubs, other competitors have entered that market place, including credit-card issuers, insurance [...]

Bargain Grocery Shoppers to Get More Aldi’s

These days there are many more techniques to shop for groceries, compared to our parents when we were kids. The latest one gaining in broader acceptance and use are the bargain chains. I will tell you about them and Aldi and their expansion plans in a moment, but lets review the various ways people [...]

Great Last Minute Gift Idea

I hate shopping, but I love to be creative. So when I got this idea for a gift, my heart leapt for joy!  Fun to do this, and glad that store was conquered. This year, on one side of our family, we are doing a minimal gift exchange for $25. It is so hard to come up with a good idea, that doesn’t [...]

Is Black Friday a Retail Illusion?

The Wall Street Journal reported today Black Friday : A Retail Illusion, The Dirty Secret of Black Friday Discounts, is merely a manipulative ploy aimed to get you to buy things you think are at the lowest cost of the year. In actuality, retailers are really smart, they know how to price things, [...]

Savings Throughout the House, Room by Room: Laundry Room

Second article in a series featuring many ways to save money in every room of the house. From the basement to the attic: today’s article provides two great ways to save money in the laundry room: detergent and spot remover. Laundry detergent can be rather expensive, easily costing $10 or much more [...]

Savings Throughout the House, Room by Room: Basement

This series of several articles will feature ways to save money in every room of the house. From the basement to the attic, including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, closets and garage. Sometimes money savings articles can be hard to follow, because they connect various areas of life, but for [...]

The Insanity of Long-Term Car Loans

It has been reported that 7 and 8 year car loans are becoming the norm. This isn’t surprising, when you consider that the cost for a new mid-size family car, mini-van, hybrid, or small SUV can easily be $25,000, and it is not uncommon that if nice features are added they can easily cost $30,000 – [...]

Extended Warrantees and Buyer Protection Plans

Is buying extended warranties a good idea? Sometimes they are called buyer protection plans too. The general consensus from almost all financial planners, writers and personal finance personalities like Dave Ramsey and Susan Orman is that they are a rip-off. Most products come with some sort of [...]

Car Power Plants Reviewed: Electric, Hybrid, Gasoline and Others

Have you thought about buying an all-electric vehicle, or hybrid with the costs of gasoline being so high. Maybe you are ecologically minded, and think electric power is better for the environment. Before you run out and buy an alternative fuel car, I thought it would be good to cover the [...]

Save Big on Hanes

Average quality, 100% cotton underwear seems to have really gotten expensive the last few years. While shopping for just basic plain white T-shirts we were amazed that a packet of 5 costs $34 at Sears and Kohls. Sometimes you can find where they are throwing in a extra shirt or briefs so you get 6 [...]

The Low Hormone Rip-Off

Radio and Television is awash with silly advertisements aimed at anyone in their 40′s or older, to get you to buy supplements to counter the affect of lower hormones as we age.  The ads ask if you are fatigued, depressed, low sex drive, gaining weight or generally have a feeling of malaise. These [...]

Costco Cost Savings and Warnings

Big Box retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco can sometimes save you a lot of money, but if you aren’t careful you can end up spending more money than you planned to. I suspect most people do go over budget at these places. We are avid coupon clippers and deal shoppers, and often our receipt from [...]

Homeowner Who Foreclosed, Other Personal Finance Headlines

Interesting articles worth checking out: Homeowners qualifying for new mortgage after short sale. Auto purchasing and the various fine print costly add-ons. Estate planning: Naming a trustee for your trust, and living wills. Roth IRA escape hatch, for those that already converted, but now regret [...]

Eye Glass Monopoly Ripoff?

60 Minutes ran a piece last Sunday night about a near monopoly on a eye glass company.  The story highlighted the largest company in the industry Luxottica, they severely inflate the cost we pay for eye-wear for corporate profits. Eye glasses and frames only cost the manufacturer about $30 but our [...]

Is Black Friday the Best Time to Shop?

I ran across a great article in the Wall Street Journal today, The Myth of the Black Friday Deal compared prices of certain items over the term of a year, and many items actually cost more during the Holiday season than during other times. People lining up to buy ‘door busters’ of limited quantity [...]

Free Fun Idea, Free Museum Admission 9/29/12 had a great post for those that are looking for something fun and free to do this weekend. Smithsonian Magazine Sponsors Free Museum Day by Jim Wang Museum Day Live! is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian Magazine where you can get admission into participating museums across the [...]

How to Sell Your Scrap Gold

The price of gold is climbing again to about $1,800 per ounce, close to its all time high of $1,895 on 9/6/11, so many people are thinking about selling their old gold jewelry they have lying around. If you are interested in selling yours, here are a few tips to help you get the most for it. 24 [...]

Low Cost Hearing Aid Solutions

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about some lower cost alternatives for people with hearing loss. Some people can’t afford FDA approved hearing aids, since they often cost up to $4,000 a pair; often insurance doesn’t pay for them either. According to the article, 20% of 36 [...]

Annual Cost of Gasoline

With gasoline hitting or exceeding $4 per gallon in many parts of the country, it is important to consider your annual cost of gas when purchasing a new or used car. In 2009 gas was less than $2 per gallon, and it seems that we have gotten used to the current costs. With the price of groceries and [...]

Best and Worst Fitness Values

Investing in physical fitness is smart, being in better health not only means feeling better, and having less stress, it saves money on doctors bills. Healthier people not only get fewer colds and flu, they have less disease and falling accidents. They spend less on prescriptions, and save time [...]

Home Vacuum, and Steam Vac Great Values

Floor vacuum cleaners seem to be a controversial topic these days. I know people who have very strong opinions about their Dyson, Hoover, Oreck, Eureka, Dirt Devil, Rainbow or Kirby. Prices can vary from about a $100 to over a thousand dollars. I have heard people who tell me they really love this [...]

Before You Bargain Hunt

Before You Bargain Hunt, Consider This… Everyone is looking for a way to save money. Companies are taking advantage of this by promoting their best “bargains” to the fullest and people are scouring thrift shops for a used version of anything they need. However, not all bargains are created equal. [...]

Knowing where to make your cuts

Guest post by Georgia Dalsum Budgeting – Knowing Where to Make Your Cuts If you’re struggling financially, cutting your expenses is the first step toward regaining financial control. With less money going out, more money can go toward your necessary expenses to catch up and solidify your financial [...]

The Costs and Benefits of Power Outages

Our city (Columbus Ohio) is 4 days into an electrical outage for nearly half the city. Our power through American Electric Power continues to come and off, giving us some relief, but never sure if we should buy ice or move refrigeratable goods to our parent’s units.  My wife and I are experiencing [...]

Vacation Savings

I just returned from a much-needed vacation. Since it been many years since we had a real one, I underestimated some of the expense of it all. First of all we saved a lot on the beach house by getting a great deal, and we bought a lot of our food locally and took it with us in a cooler since [...]

Save on Clothes, With New Antiperspirant

Financial blogs like this usually don’t have recommendations about personal care products, but this one might save you some money. Do you throw clothes away by yellowing caused by deodorants and antiperspirants? Over the years it has really bothered me to toss out a light-colored favorite polo or [...]

Front versus Top Loading Washers and Dryers

Mary Hunt founder and publisher of Debt-Proof Living, a highly regarded organization consisting of interactive website, monthly newsletter, personal finance tools and almost 20 books, recently wrote about the front and top loading washer and dryer debate. I thought this information to be very [...]

Learning to Cook to Save Money

Cooking is a lost art it seems these days. People today are very busy, working longer hours or multiple jobs, running children to events. Convenience and less hassle of fast food, and packaged meals are very tempting. Many people have gotten out of the habit, or never acquired skills in the [...]
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