Have a Great Idea for New Product? Check Out Quirky.com

While watching the Tonight Show the other evening, Jay Leno had a guest on from Quirky.com, a new really cool social invention website to help bring ideas for inventions to fruition. They highlighted some great products that people recently invented. There are all sorts of ways to make additional [...]

How to Pick a College Major

Are you a youth and planning to go to college? Maybe you are an adult and want to go in a totally different direction in your career. Then there are those that want to stay in the same industry but specialize in a particular area of study. Whichever group you are in, you need to go back to school, [...]

Year End Benchmark Investment Returns

A couple of times per year I publish this benchmark return report for investment portfolios.  This is useful for those who use a buy and hold approach to holding their investments, in various common investment allocations of stocks and bonds. I provide this so that you can compare your investment [...]

What To Do If Facing a Possible Foreclosure

The recession officially started December 2007 and ended June of 2009, however many homeowners struggled to stay current on their mortgage before that time, and still do now. Those in the financial industry have been learning how to help people either avoid or survive foreclosure of their home, [...]

Work Tax Deductions, Job Search Deductions and Job Search Help

You are eligible get a tax deduction for some unreimbursed expenses from work, and for those that had expenses looking for work or relocating. While on the latter subject, first I wanted to provide some ideas for those looking for work. If you are unemployed or underemployed and are looking for [...]

Most Popular MoneyEducate Personal Finance Articles of 2012

2012 was the first full year I have been consistently blogging at MoneyEducate, and the following articles were the some of the most popular ones of last year. This is a pretty good mix of articles about saving money and general financial planning topics. Hyundai and Kia overstated gas [...]

Weekending Financial Scorecard 1/18/13

Here’s the most important financial data that you need to know to be fairly well informed. Each Friday evening I post the data of 8 financial market’s, and 10 economic indicator’s weekending scorecard. As of 1/18/2013: FINANCIALS: The stock market increased a bit, home mortgage interest rates [...]

Car Power Plants Reviewed: Electric, Hybrid, Gasoline and Others

Have you thought about buying an all-electric vehicle, or hybrid with the costs of gasoline being so high. Maybe you are ecologically minded, and think electric power is better for the environment. Before you run out and buy an alternative fuel car, I thought it would be good to cover the [...]

Unemployment Numbers Update, December

Unemployment, New Jobs, and Jobless Claims Statistics:* Monthly change in non-farm payrolls – Flat: 155,000 new jobs were added in December, compared to 146,000 added in November, and 171,000 in October. Unemployment – Flat: December’s rate of 7.8 matched the revised November rate of 7.8% [...]

The Fiscal Cliff Deal, Winners and Losers & What It Means To Your Personal Finances

The showdown in Washington over Federal taxes and spending ended with an agreement signed into law this week. Here are the losers and winners that we can see at this point. Further analysis is forthcoming of H.R.8 – American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, and will be reported to you later this [...]

Do you want to know what the fiscal fight is really about?

This is a non-partisan article about what the fiscal cliff fight is really about. It is a philosophical battle, but if you read the newspapers, and watch TV news, you will not get this story. Believe you me, I have watched and read many commentaries and opinions about this, but no one has yet to [...]

A Primer on Recession Indicators: Gross Domestic Product and Unemployment

Unemployment statistics are an important indicator of how our economy is doing; more people employed points to stronger business growth and to fewer people receiving government entitlements. However, this is a little difficult to track, since the government doesn’t really publish a combined [...]

Save Big on Hanes

Average quality, 100% cotton underwear seems to have really gotten expensive the last few years. While shopping for just basic plain white T-shirts we were amazed that a packet of 5 costs $34 at Sears and Kohls. Sometimes you can find where they are throwing in a extra shirt or briefs so you get 6 [...]

The Low Hormone Rip-Off

Radio and Television is awash with silly advertisements aimed at anyone in their 40′s or older, to get you to buy supplements to counter the affect of lower hormones as we age.  The ads ask if you are fatigued, depressed, low sex drive, gaining weight or generally have a feeling of malaise. These [...]

2013 IRA and Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently published the new rules for contributions into retirement plans and IRAs for 2013. Some of these numbers have increased, and are good for you to know if you participate in IRAs (individual retirement accounts) or retirement plans like 401(k)s, sponsored [...]

Should You Buy Gold?

The most commonly asked question I get is, should I buy gold or some other precious metal like silver or platinum? The main reasons for driving interest in gold, are advertisements, the increased price of gold, and fear. There are a lot of commercials on TV and the radio, from companies that want [...]

Costco Cost Savings and Warnings

Big Box retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco can sometimes save you a lot of money, but if you aren’t careful you can end up spending more money than you planned to. I suspect most people do go over budget at these places. We are avid coupon clippers and deal shoppers, and often our receipt from [...]

Can You Buy Life Insurance and Forget It?

Most people buy life insurance and seldom review it later. Here are 7 compelling reasons why a life insurance review is a great idea. Price:  If you own term insurance, you may want to check to see if you can buy a new policy for a lower overall cost. Length: If you purchased a level premium term [...]

Layering Term Life Insurance, To Minimize Cost & Extend Coverage

Previously I wrote on reviewing your life insurance policies, today I describe a way to layer term life insurance to provide affordable life insurance protection for longer periods of time. As a review the most common forms of term life insurance are level term, and annually renewable term, both [...]

Weekending Financial Scorecard

Here’s the most important financial data that you need to know to be fairly well informed, or at least sound that way at the Holiday cocktail party. Each Friday evening I post the data of 8 financial market’s, and 10 economic indicator’s weekending scorecard. As of 11/30/12 What the heck happened [...]

The US Economy Growing (GDP) at Good Rate, Is It Enough?

The Commerce Department announced Thursday that the Nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.7%, for the third quarter. Is it time to celebrate that the economic recovery has arrived? GDP tracks the size of our economy by calculating the total dollar value of all goods [...]

Budgeting For Extra Charitable Donations

Here is a cool idea, consider adding a new category to your monthly budget for ‘special giving.’ While doing some budget planning with the program we use; YNAB, or You Need a Budget, I noticed for some months throughout the year, we gave to various causes. This was in addition to our regular [...]

How to Deal With Perceived Employment Age Discrimination

Is your age in the 50′s or 60′s, and you are looking for a new full-time or part-time job? Do you think you are unlikely to get hired because you are too old? Do you feel age discrimination is really big, and is a barrier when you go to an interview? Job applicants must learn how to deal with this [...]

Should I Buy an Ereader? And The Benefits of Waiting

I love to read, so a few weeks ago I had a burning desire to purchase an Ereader. I had a lot of reasons for purchasing one, and came up with a great list of my rationale: Ease of getting a book and reading it without the delay of going to the bookstore or library Ability to look up words in the [...]

Tax Planning: In Uncertain “Fiscal Cliff” Times & Year End Tax Planning

Kevin Koval, CPA, ABV, CFP and Roger C. Nagel, CPA, CMA of Nagel, CPAs* With the completion of the presidential elections there has been much discussion focused on the so-called “fiscal cliff”. Many economic forecasts have stated that President Obama and Congress need to reach some agreement to [...]

Time to Check Your Car’s Battery

Fall always seems to be the best time for me check my car’s battery. You might want to also, if you don’t want to get stuck somewhere without a good battery. This is especially true for folks driving through not-so-safe neighborhoods now that it is getting dark much earlier, or up north in our [...]

Financial Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving only one week away, I thought it would be good to have a financial Thanksgiving post; The attitude of being thankful is one of the foundational feelings we can have for helping us do well financially. When we are thankful for the things we have, we are content and are not in the [...]

Annuity Guarantees and Trusting Insurance Companies

Hartford Financial is seeking ways to lower its exposure on some annuity contracts it sold. Stories like this make people wonder if they can trust insurance companies, and believe the annuity guarantees. I believe though, most insurance companies are very trustworthy, and the income guarantees are [...]

14 Ways to Save Gas

Gasoline prices have trickled down in the last few weeks, however they are still about double what they were 4 years ago, making it important to get the most mileage out of each gallon of gas as possible. Some of these tips come from “20 ways to save gas this summer” Popular Mechanics 7/2012 [...]

Do We Appreciate Businesses Enough?

The presidential campaign had me wondering which presidential candidate would have been the most pro-business. Investors in business might not think Obama is great for business, when you consider the 313 point drop in the DOW yesterday. Let me say at the outset that I am not taking political sides [...]
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